A trading of views on restrictive reproductive rights in Mississippi and North Dakota

    • Mark Weinstein
    • Seattle, Washington

    There ought to be a new word coined for the absolute, colossal, and total hypocrisy of 95% of those who oppose a woman’s right to choice and privacy.
    Their LIE about caring for the life of the unborn is sickening because they approve of the death penalty, oppose universal health care, oppose regulations to keep the air, land, and water safe.
    Jerks who hand-wring about the sanctity of life are, by and large, in love with guns. Their wet-dream is to blast a dark-skinned intruder to kingdom-come.
    Their psychological landscapes are fear-filled. No matter how much repression they succeed in putting on others, and no matter how large their arsenals of automatic weapons, they will still be afraid.
    The ever-waiting danger just outside their door is really something lurking inside themselves.
    The ultimate cowardice is victimizing others rather than having the courage to look within.
    And, for fleeting moments – which always come – they know it.

      • Rohit
      • New York

      How do you know what they think? Gandhi and Mother Teresa were both opposed to abortion. Does the rest of your description apply to them?

      Mark, abortion is a difficult subject where there is a conflict between genuine rights.

      And that means that we need to work out a balanced and humane solution.

      Thinking of the life of a fetus SOLELY in terms of a woman’s control over “her body” is seeing only a half truth, pretending it is a whole truth, and abusing those who see the other half of the truth.

To Rohit in New York,

I said 95% of those who oppose a woman’s right to choice and privacy. Not all.  If 95% is ten or fifteen points too high, so be it.  Ghandi & Mother Teresa lived their lives dedicated to humanity. Their opposition to abortion came hand in hand with compassion and good works. Not condemnation.
As for knowing “what they think” – listen to the rhetoric of the far-Right about reproductive freedom and gun rights. It’s 95% paranoia – and that figure is no stretch.
You want “a balanced & humane solution” – I feel sincerity from you.  That solution must also be a sane solution – to have available sex-education and contraception.
Unwanted pregnancy is a far-reaching dynamic that involves economics, poverty, educational opportunities, racism, misinformation, political manipulation, the Drug War, etc.
For reproductive choice to be seriously addressed, the answer cannot involve (going back to square one) taking away a woman’s right to choice and privacy. The fetus is in the woman’s body. The pregnancy comes from the woman’s body. That is unalterable.

To decrease the likelihood that a woman will choose to terminate her pregnancy, there need to be real alternatives for her born child.
I don’t know any woman who has had an abortion who made that decision lightly.        Let’s find ways that will help her to have strong consideration to give birth.

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