Partisan politics vs. what the people want

Plain, simple, and undisputable:
Congress is now a rigged game; it is not representing the people.

The House of Representatives, because of redistricting favoring the Republican Party, is largely composed of men and women who were elected without a majority of the votes.
In the Senate, Republicans have filibustered to block almost every piece of legislation President Obama has submitted for a vote. They’ve done it against the votes of more than 50% of the Senate. Since Obama entered the White House, Republicans have used the filibuster far more than it was ever used before Obama became President.

The Republican Party is going against the will of the people. Their betrayal of democracy is being done in broad daylight. These are the facts of the filibuster & redistricting.

Millions of American citizens have allowed themselves to be conned into an acceptance of American Democracy becoming an open mockery.

Incredible, frightening, and sad.

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