The government’s decision to put an age limit on the sale of the morning-after birth control pill

The 21st Century – filled with astounding technologies that put the world at his fingertips.                                  Ah – the brilliance of the human race.
Yeah, right.
This denial of birth-control in order to PREVENT pregnancy is one of the long list of imbecilic realities in these United States.
Like the War on Drugs, the half-century long embargo of Cuba, us having 5 times as much military power of the rest of the world, us having the largest number of prison inmates in the world, a health-care system that is wrought with corruption, a crumbling infrastructure, a feeding frenzy of greed of the wealthy causing us to go into the direction of feudalism.  And lots more.
Man – in some far distant past – first had the abstract, brilliant, and creative thought to use a rock as a tool.  Shortly thereafter, he killed another man with it.  Ever since then, his technical genius has had zero relationship to wisdom.
That’s zero.

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