Re article about the bombers having planned to attack on July 4th.

  • Seattle, Washington

If the bombers turned out to be openly Right-wing Christian fundamentalists wearing Fox News t-shirts and Rush Limbaugh tattoos on their foreheads, Tea Party thinkers would have said that placing blame on anyone other than the lunatics who committed the crimes was Liberal political opportunism and witch-hunting.
Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and crew would imply the bombing was a left-wing setup, etc.
As it is, the Right is gleefully using the foreign-born Tsarnaevs to stoke xenophobic fears, further weaken civil liberties, and blame Obama for not protecting the country.             There is not a syllable coming from the Right that possibly – just possibly – there’s anything the United States has ever done to cause even a small portion of whatever Islamic hatred exists towards us.
The obviousness of it is radiant.
The stupidity of those who fall for it is enormous.

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