Re NYT article, “A Homemade Style of Terror: Jihadists Push New Tactics”

  • Seattle, Washington

When the U.S. invaded Iraq on false premises ten years ago, we put ourselves in the middle of one of the the most conflict-ridden, hate-filled, unstable areas in the world.     For thousands of years, the Mid-East has been one long swath of blood-feuds.
So we go in to “stabilize” things.
Yeah. Right.
We’ve tied our destiny to the byzantine realities there. It is becoming undeniable that Mid East polarities are coming here because we’re there.  Modern warfare and technology means that our borders and oceans no longer keep us safe from the violence. What’s just as bad – or worse – is that we’re joining them in a Dark Age consciousness of fear.        We’re becoming them.
And we let it into our house by going into their house.

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