Gov Chris Christie’s surgery to lose weight.

To me, Governor Chris Christie will always be that absolute jerk who, for no other reason than to deprive Obama of a positive mark in the economic column, vetoed a public works program that had already been started.  It was going to provide thousands of jobs and improve the highway conditions between his state and New York.  Christie’s veto was cynical, hateful, and obvious.
His rationale had something to do with fiscal responsibility.
There are many other examples of his two-faced dog & pony show.
It’s interesting that a man who hasn’t had the self control to stay this side of near-morbid obesity would demand austerity and restraint from everybody except the rich.
Christie is fortunate that his office provides him with a good enough medical plan that will cover his surgical procedure to help him lose weight.  If he had the self-discipline he demands of others, he wouldn’t need to go under the knife.
Like I said, an absolute jerk.

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