On the dead-heat special election in So. Carolina of Mark Sanford against Cobert’s sister.

  • Seattle, Washington

It could only be in a very red state that a manifest hypocrite like Sanford could stand a chance of winning.  Hypocrisy is the stock & trade of the Right theses days.
I wonder where Sanford stands on gay marriage. He probably opposes it on the grounds (he’d likely say) that gay people aren’t capable of being in faithful sexual relationships.
Sanford’s private life is his own business. That’s not the point. What is the point is his hypocrisy in representing a political party that wants to infringe on the private life of others.
If he wins, I’d be surprised – very surprised – if he voices a new humility in his views on social issues. Without that humility, his hands will never be clean. But then, lots of politicians’ hands are grimy.

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