The military’s sexual assault crisis.

  • Seattle, Washington

Power and powerlessness.
An armed soldier with the might of the military machine – what could be a stronger symbol of power?
In training for the battlefield, unquestioning obedience and intense physical endurance are his involuntary mandates.  He is demanded to see himself as a hero in the making.    He is trained to kill.
In battle, that soldier is scared for his life while in a role of defending King & Country.    Far from home, his existence is at the whim of the next order coming from above.    Carnage and death surround him.
Rape – the ultimate control – the momentary mastery – of taking the power and self of an available, vulnerable, and weaker person.
In hierarchy – no place more than the military – authority is perverted into misuse of power.  All are caught in the net of expectation of allegiance while carrying dreaded inadequacy inside.
The stage is set.  Hero and villain become one.
The players perform.

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