Re a retired New York homicide detective accused of multiple fraudulent investigations.

    • Seattle, Washington

    A 69 year old friend (have known him since we were teenagers) was recently released from prison after serving 5 years of an 8 year sentence for bank fraud.
    He never smoked cigarettes or marijuana, never used other drugs, drank only a glass of wine at social gatherings. He had no police record, and is non-violent. I’ve always known him to be decent and honest.
    He had his own electronics company, and was never accused of anything until a disgruntled ex-employee made an accusation about mismanagement of funds.
    This was no Bernie Madoff situation with complaining victims – except for one person. Everyone he knew personally and professionally vouched for him. But the federal government went after him.
    The trial was a farce; his attorneys wouldn’t let him testify and told him to decline a plea bargain for a six month sentence. These attorneys collected over 5 million dollars in legal fees from him. After the jury went in to deliberate, it appeared he would be acquitted. The the judge went into the jury room; when he returned from speaking to the jurors said he was sure he “didn’t influence them in any way, but I needed to remind them to consider certain things”.
    His wife divorced him, he missed the birth of his grandchild, is living in a halfway house, and owes the government a million dollars.
    The coordination between the government investigators, the attorneys, and the court was flawless. And our for-profit prison system completed the deal.
    Liberty & justice for all.

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