Republican intrangicence in Congress.

  • Seattle, Washington

The present-day Republican leaders are cowards, profiteers, and scum.                          That’s not a stretch.

Their obscenity of denying background checks for guns.
The farce of their “concern for the 4 brave Americans” who died in Benghazi.
Their subjugation to corporations & the rich manifested in everything they do.
The thinly-veiled racism that fuels their incessant, personal, and hateful attacking of Obama.
Their misogyny, xenophobia, and unending self-righteousness.

Congress is now more than dysfunctional. It is an entity acting with fierce hostility
and depraved indifference toward the non-rich.  It is truly, in effect, an enemy of the people of America.

Along with the corrupted Right in Congress are millions of people who go against their own interests by buying into the well-orchestrated stoking of fear by the Republican party. That is what is most frightening of all.

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