Response to disagreement with Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy.

  • Seattle, Washington

Dear Peder (Oslo),
Someone said (approximately), “A truth becomes great when the opposite is also true”.
You say that even “if there is a direct link between gene and cancer, I still believe one should live health, the way nature intended, without such surgery. Those natural breasts are also part of your body’s defense system”.
A concurrent truth is that Ms. Jolie’s having her double mastectomy drops her odds of getting cancer from 87% to under 5%”.  That reality cannot be overlooked.
I agree that the skyrocketing cancer rate has something to do with man’s desecration of the planet and his not living a healthy lifestyle. That should change – but in the meantime, an ideological truth may not apply to individual situations.
It is beyond arrogant to condemn Ms. Jolie’s decision – not lightly made. Being a man, you cannot fully empathize with the realities of breast cancer.  But try.

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