Response to a view that gun manufacturers should have no role in the distribution of guns, and no gun-ownership requirements.

You say our love of guns is a cultural issue. You’re right. That love is a sickness in our culture.
Along with that, you seem to be dying to give the death penalty to any misuse of the guns. That’s a peculiar stance – given that you want everybody and his brother to be able to get a gun.
You think fear of capital punishment will curb gun violence. What’s sick about America is the fear that is already permeating it. Fear hasn’t stopped the multiple mass-shootings by lunatics whose last shot is to commit suicide.
Guns are a deadly product that needs to be strictly regulated. The creators of that product should not be exempt from responsible distribution of it. Like driving a car, licensed gun ownership should be subject to qualification standards that are periodically renewed. Remember – Americans love cars too.
As for fear, the automatic guns in the arsenals of gun “lovers” cannot and will not make them feel safe. That’s because what they really fear is something within themselves.
It’s a cultural issue.

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