Response to a letter-to-editor saying Trayvon Martin deserved to die.

  • Jon W.
  • New York, NY

It’s very simple. Had Martin not doubled back and violently assaulted Zimmerman because he was angry at being followed, he’d still be alive today. And I am absolutely confident that is what happened. You don’t get to turn around and start bashing someone’s head against the ground, even if you are frightened (which I don’t believe Martin was).

Jon W:
If Trayvon Martin had been a white kid who “doubled back and violently assaulted            (a black) Zimmerman)”, you would have considered Martin a hero.
Trayvon Martin was a dead man when Zimmerman spotted him.                                         You were glad Martin was murdered when you found out he was black.
You are not only a bigot. You are a fool.
If you had Treyvon Martin’s mother’s telephone number, I believe you’d call to tell her that you believe her son deserved to die.                                                                                                  Unlike you, I cannot say “I am absolutely confident” that is what you would do.
What poisoned your soul?

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