Regarding Republicans staying focused on abortion limitations rather than on the economy.

  • Seattle, Washington

Let’s get down to basics.
There is more than politics going on.
The irrationality and meanness that’s expressed in such intense vitriol from the Right has to do with a black man being in the White House.
Racism is the Achilles-Heel of America. It is a disease endemic to our culture. Obama’s election was hope that racism – though it will always be there to some degree – would cease to be such a strong force in our society.
Unfortunately, that has proved not to be the case.
Whether it’s reproductive choice, gay rights, immigration, the environment, Conservatives are showing a deadly unwillingness to compromise unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my 70 years. The 2012 Presidential election was the first time that the losing side did not call for unity with the newly elected President – rather they attacked the Americans who voted for Obama as moochers trying to get something for nothing – as “takers”.
The personal attacks on Obama the man is drenched in hatred that is not related to ideology.
I don’t have a solution in mind. It’s frightening.

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