Republican Ken Mehlman’s coming out, and his reversal on gay marriage.

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  • Seattle, Washington

On one level, Mehlman is the ultimate coward and hypocrite. He did more than stay in the closet; he was an architect of homophobic persecution.
But wait – when I was in my teens and twenties – in the closet – I was vocal in my putdowns of gay people. I had to protect myself from suspicion – like being a Jew in Nazi Germany.  It was the finding of myself to come out.  Only then did I have genuine empathy for other human beings.
So I wish Mehlman well. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes, because coming to terms with himself will involve recognition of the destruction and pain he’s created.  Without inner humility, he’s posturing.  That humility will be a painful process.                                Freedom doesn’t come easy.

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