NYT article – Should a man ditch his gay friend to be with an old friend (a woman) who is homophobic, and refuses to be in the presence of a homosexual?

    • Seattle, Washington

    Every situation has its own dynamics.
    I try not to have bigots in my life. There are situations when I’m socially in the presence of such people. I do not enter into communication of depth with them because it leads nowhere.
    The woman knows the other friend is gay, and doesn’t want to spend time with him. That’s her right. I wouldn’t want to spend time with her.
    If the man wants to spend the day with the woman, I suggest he makes it clear to his gay friend that he doesn’t share the woman’s feelings, and it’s because she’s an old friend that he wants to see her.
    It’s a good bet that the gay friend, having reached well into middle-age, won’t be undone by yet another ignorant person.
    He’ll probably be amused by her stupidity.

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