Re NYT article about Republicans and the abortion issue

    • Seattle, Washington

    Everyone is saying that the Republicans will continue to lose elections if they continue their fanatical reactionary direction.
    But wait – five Supreme Court Justices just gutted the voting-rights act on the absurd premise that racism is over in the U.S.
    In light of the Trayvon/Zimmerman consciousness sweeping the country, that ruling becomes even more obscene. The day following that decision, several states moved to enact voting restrictions.
    To think Republicans will be voted out of office when they are making elections into a rigged game is flying in the face of reality. The House of Representatives is already a peanut gallery consisting of many Republicans elected by gerrymandering.              Their cornerstone of activity is preventing things from coming to a vote.
    The will of the people increasingly doesn’t count. That’s a fact.
    The Right is not kidding. Their agenda is a corporate fascist state.
    Fairness, humanity, and justice are meaningless to them.

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