On NYT article by Charles Blow – “GOP – Blinded by Self-Righteousness”.

    • Seattle, Washington

    I used to wonder how a mid twentieth-century country like Germany could have descended so quickly into brutal, irrational inhumanity. I thought it was some flaw in the Germany psyche.
    Looking at the hate-driven direction of the present-day “true Conservatives” in America, it’s obvious that the dark side of human nature is not a matter of demographics.
    There is a sickness in the soul of America. The election of a black President has fueled the underlying fear and fury of the racism that is part of the fabric of our country.
    The Conservative Justices of the Supreme court just gutted of the voting-rights act by using the lie that racial prejudice has become a thing of the past in the United States. This coincided with the Treyvon Martin affair.
    It is a glaring example of the schizophrenia driving our national consciousness and discourse.
    It is foolish to think that Republicans cannot win the White House because of their present reactionary policies. With rigged elections stemming from gerrymandering, to (now) the disenfranchising of the elderly, racial minorities, and the poor, the will of the people is on the way to being a name-only phrase.
    As the Jews were only the first prey of the Nazis, so too the American far-Right has its sights set on a list that goes beyond blacks, gays, freedom of reproductive choice, retirees, etc.                                                                                                              Totalitarianism inevitably consumes all.

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