Re the Olympics in homophobic Russia

  • Seattle, Washington

Most if not all of the world’s tyrants use homosexuals as scapegoats.
In Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the Tea Party, Uganda, despots warn that homosexuals destroy the fabric of the societies that they (the despots) seek to unscrupulously dominate.
The USA should deal with the Olympics forthrightly. If we participate, we need to make clear we oppose the bigotry of Russia, and that we are there in the spirit of inclusion that the Olympics stand for. If we boycott, we should articulate that the ignorance and inhumanity of homophobia contradicts healthy competition and mutual-respect between all people – which is what the Olympics are about.
I believe and hope that many homophobic people in America and around the world will have a ‘learning moment’ from this.  The message of tolerance from the new Pope is a sign that repression is being countered in the world.

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