Answering the charge that the Obama administration wants pot legalized as part of the plan “to bring down this Great God-fearing country”.

  • Seattle, Washington

Your fears about marijuana legalization would have credibility if you voiced the same concerns about the havoc caused by alcohol – a havoc greatly more far-reaching than pot. But criminalization of alcohol 90 years ago didn’t stop anyone from drinking – rather it brought organized crime into being an unprecedented force in the country.
Pot is sometimes a “gateway” to hard drugs because a pot-smoker must involve him or herself in illegality to get it. That involvement brings contact with dealers who, for profit, push the use of other illegal substances.
Tobacco is deadly. It’s use has been diminished not because it is illegal – but from education and restriction.  A person wanting to stop smoking doesn’t have to put himself at risk by acknowledging breaking a law.
Be honest – can you imagine the criminality that would result if tobacco were declared illegal?   The same holds true for someone wanting to stop drinking.
Think about it.

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