Responce to the charge that Obama is President solely because of the color of his skin.


  • Seattle, Washington

Obama ran two brilliant campaigns. He stirred people all over the world. When he went to Germany, 200,000 people came to cheer. Months before most of them had never heard his name. Barak Obama had a lot more going for him than the color of his skin. I hadn’t seen that kind of enthusiasm – especially from young people – for forty years.
Obama’s charisma is undeniable. He gets people to think. It is also undeniable (and tragically unfortunate) there are many people who do not and will not think.
Obama’s statements about his own experiences as a black person paralleling Treyvon Martin took guts. They were heartfelt – not political. Look at the video again or read his words. He was not asking for pity or shame; he was asking for everyone – of all colors – to try to have depth-of-perception, self-assessment, and the will to understand others. It was an appeal to our better natures.
Obama was elected to the Presidency twice. I have not liked –
indeed have at times been very disappointed – by some of the things President Obama has done.
You are right – there are people who only see skin-color. That’s been in operation since George Washington was President. It has worked for and against Obama. The personal vitriol against him is unlike anything I’ve seen since first voting in 1964. That also is related to the color of his skin. It is frightening.
For those who are willing, it makes them think.

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