Re the imminent shutdown of the U.S. government to prevent health-care reform

    • Seattle, Washington

    This is absolute proof that the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies have a strangle-hold on the U.S. economy.
    This is also absolute proof that the Republican Party is poisoned by faultily elected people who, like Mitt Romney, have contempt and malevolence toward the non-rich. Their heartlessness is manifested in every move they make – from cutting food-stamps, exorbitant college costs, assaulting voting rights, preventing sane gun laws, the drug-war, and on and on.
    But their radiant masterpiece of venom is the predatory use of health-care to take away the disposable income of millions of non-rich citizens.
    All of this is coupled with obvious manipulation of racism inherent in their demonizing and hatred of Obama.
    The fat is in the fire.

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