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ONE Political Party …….

—to lower taxes for the richest 1%.
—to protect multi-billion dollar corporate loopholes and corporate subsidies.
—to keep offshore tax havens for multi-millionaires and billionaires tax-free.
—to keep fueling the MIC with over $1 trillion a year.

.—all Americans to vote.
.—Marriage equality
—it to be easier to VOTE than buy a firearm
—women to keep their right of CHOICE
—DREAMERS to have a path to citizenship.
—Guantanamo to close
—Americans to have decent paying jobs.
—clean renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.
—an EPA or clean air, clean waters or a clean, non-genetically modified Earth.

—to raise taxes on the poor and middle class
—to cut funding for food stamps.
—to refuse to pay our bills unless we made drastic cuts across the board cutting school lunches, meals for the elderly and Head Start.
—to defund education.
— defund Planned Parenthood
—defund Obamacare
—abolish Medicare and Medicaid
—privatize social security
—deny Science and man-made contributions climate change

—Has spent 5 years, since Obama took office in 09 , doing nothing but obstruct and filibuster everything bringing our government to a constant gridlock.
—Is the biggest nightmare Americans have had to deal with in my lifetime but deal with them we will despite their gerrymandering and Attempts at voter-suppression laws.

the gop is the real enemy of the usa.

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