Regarding Gov Christie closing access to George Washington Bridge as “poltical payback” to the Fort Lee Mayor.

  1. Of course closing the bridge access was political payback. Christie vetoed a clean-air bill that had been approved by the voters. It would have created thousands of jobs. He also vetoed a program that would have improved transportation from New Jersey to New York and would have been a significant infrastructure improvement – and created thousands of jobs.
    He said his vetoes had to with saving money. Both were obvious moves to prevent the Obama having positive accomplishments, along with his obeisance to corporate interests. He acted then, like now, without the slightest concern for the effect on the environment or people.
    Christie is an opportunistic thug.
    That’s all he is.
    I would rather deal with a Tea Party ideologue than Christie. At least the Tea Bagger wouldn’t be trying to camouflage the absurdities and injustices he stands for. Christie continually tries to pass himself of as a man of the the people. A regular meat-and-potatoes guy.
    He stands for nothing – other than his own power-seeking.
    Chris Christie is the worst of the worst.
    That’s the real truth.

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