Letters to NY Times

9:32 PM (42 minutes ago)

to me

Re NY Times article about John McCain’s waffling positions:

McCain saw fit to loudly and solemnly warn that letting gays serve openly in the military would undoubtedly do great harm to morale – and therefore harm the overall effectiveness of the military.
Time has passed with gays serving openly in the military. I haven’t heard a word from McCain about it.
Perhaps some genuine humility is called for.
It would be the maverick thing to do.

Re NY Times article about India bringing back homophobic laws:

Homosexuals are the one minority group that all zealots use as scapegoats.
The two most individual aspects of a human being is his or her sexuality and spirituality. And those are the two things tyrants seek to control.                                                        Whether it’s evangelical Christians in Oklahoma, reactionaries in Russia, ultra-conservative Jews in Israel, Islamic fundamentalists in the Mideast, Hindus in India, corruption-filled governments in Africa. As diverse as they are from one another, their brotherhood is persecution related to controlling the inner lives of others.
They all speak a common language of hate.

Re NY Times article about some sheriffs’ refusal to enforce gun control laws:

If there is one issue that shows the sickness in the soul of America, it is this pathological love of guns. We are a frightened society.
The more vociferous opponents of any kind of background checks or other regulations are people who own multiple guns. It doesn’t matter how great their arsenals are, it won’t take away their fears. Like the insatiable greed of Wall St executives who can never – never – get enough money with nothing else in consideration, these gun owners care about nothing other than having the protection they believe guns give them. If twenty thousand children had bee slaughtered in Sandy Hook Elementary School, it would have made them that much more intransigent in their non-thinking addiction to guns.
The guns of these latter-day John Waynes will never make them feel safe, because what they really fear is emptiness within themselves. Their bullying, flag-waving, and 2nd Amendment citing is camouflage of that real truth. They are all George Zimmermans whose manhood  depends on possessing a firearm to stand their ground against the ill-intentioned stranger.

Re NY Times aricle about the closing of Hollywood Park Racetrack:

I’m a 70 year old guy who remembers going with his dad – almost every Saturday – to Hollywood Park. My mom (to whom he gave his paychecks) would give him $40 for the day.
The janitors and service workers there knew and liked him.
In 1985, he bought a pick-6 ticket, got 6 winners in a row, and won $70,000.
Our whole extended family went berserk in cheers and happiness for him.
I’ve lived in Seattle for over 40 years.
I was saddened this morning to read that Hollywood Park Racetrack is closing. It made me think of a line from the song “San Francisco”:
“The Glory that was Rome was of another day”.

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