Re Obama commuting the long jail-sentence of people convicted of using crack-cocaine.

Welcome to the Fab-Four:

1. The Drug War – leading to a corrupt criminal-justice system, international traffic, killings, etc etc.
2. Our (pre) Affordable-Care Act Health Care System – Health insurance companies taking much of the disposable-income of the non-rich; incredible corruption of health-insurance & pharmaceutical companies, a demoralization of many millions of people who live in fear of becoming sick, or who are sick and can’t get treatment or go broke getting treatment, etc, etc.
3. Our military – Unbridled war-creation for war-profiteering. Five-times the military capacity of the rest of the world, and still growing. Ongoing hundreds of billions of dollars spent for us to occupy the rest of the globe and be hated by everyone, etc, etc.
4. Corporate ownership of the government – which is literal Fascism. No concern for the environment, obscene profits for CEOs while denying benefits and labor-unions to workers. Decay of our infrastructure. Sending jobs overseas (ala Romney) for cheaper labor and tax evasion, etc, etc.

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