Response to a letter from someone justifying mentally ill people – who threaten violence – to possess guns.

  1. You say you cannot incarcerate for a pre-crime.
    The lack of caring for the slaughtered and absence of common sense in your thinking is radiant. Your mindset is a pre-crime in that you’d allow almost anyone to possess a gun, despite over-the-top red flags.
    John Lennon was right – “Happiness is a warm gun; bang bang shoot shoot”.          There is nothing more indicative of the sickness in the soul of America than the fear and heartlessness in this nationwide, obsessive love of guns. People parroting “2nd Amendment 2nd Amendment” are the same ones who use “states’ rights” to allow – indeed encourage – injustices to powerless people.
    To those against gun-regulations, a mass-shooting is a twisted justification for their terror of the dark-skinned stranger on their front porch – or the unarmed teenager walking home. They must have an arsenal to make them feel safe. But it doesn’t and never will work, because what they are really afraid of is something they don’t have to go out of their own front doors to find.
    That’s the real truth.

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