Response to the assertion that Angela Merkel is really Hitler’s daughter.

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    Also, Barak Obama’s father was a grandson of Hitler.                                                 Lyndon Johnson was a half brother of Heinrich Himmler.                                         Charlie Chaplin had a sexual relationship with Magda Goebbles – who gave birth to twin daughters before she married Joseph Goebbels. The twins were given to nuns in Kenya, and there’s a rumor one of them had a child by Obama’s father.                         Joe Biden is actually a Rothschild, and his real father was Rudolf Hess.                  Angela Merkel’s father was indeed Hitler; her mother was Marlene Dietrich, who made a secret trip back to Berlin for a assignation with Hitler.                                                    Two of Franklin Roosevelt’s son’s were (not known to him) to be the offspring of Eleanore Roosevelt’s secret relationship former German Chancellor Von Hindenburg. These are facts that can be verified in Illuminati archives.

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