Re NYT article about Donald Rumfeld talking about the “unknown known” in the reasoning to invade Iraq.

Mark NW.

Seattle, Washington Pending Approval

Rumsfeld – and Cheny – and Condolezza Rice – and others in the corporate push to create war-for-astronomical-profits – they KNEW there were no weapons of mass destruction. Investigators on the ground informed the world there were no WMD in Iraq. The whole world, including the Pope, begged the U.S. not to invade Iraq. What is even more chilling is that Rumsfeld et al Did Not Care if there were WMD. Nothing was on their radar except the intention to go into warfare for profit. So Rumsfeld’s convoluted reasoning is a fully-conscious pose to justify actions which were obscene in their utter absence of humanity. They – Didn’t – Care.

The same is true today of corporate intentions; the welfare of the planet, hunger and poverty, decency and justice – carry zero weight in their goals. Their strategies have been and are fear-mongering and scapegoating. Rumsfeld is and always was a corporate creature. That is a known known.

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