re NYT article about retired Supreme Court Justice Stephens saying the Court has taken giant steps in the wrong direction.

Mark NW.

Seattle, Washington Pending Approval

The argument about money being speech is as phony as the overturning of the voting-rights act is as phony as stopping voter fraud as a way to deny unsophisticated citizens the right to cast their votes is as phony as justification for disenfranchising ex-felons is as phony as gerrymandering is as phony as closing polls early and on Sundays, etc, etc. All these phony things have the radiantly obscene purpose to subvert the will of our people by stealing elections. This is being done to achieve the deadly-serious aim to turn the American government into a corporate vehicle operated by fraudulently elected shills. Rational observation of the cold-blooded Right in Congress makes it undeniable they’re getting closer to that fascistic goal. Democracy in the USA as a government of the people is becoming a phrase having less & less application to what’s going on.                                         I wish this was exaggeration.  But it’s the real truth

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