Re response to NYT article decrying the Supreme’s Court ending race consideration in admissions to school – effectively ending Affirmative Action.

Mark NW.

Seattle, Washington Pending Approval

In THEORY some of what you say may have merit. But the real truth is that the majority of the present Supreme Court are, in effect, corporate shills of the Right. Like their vote to remove the limits on campaign donations, like the gutting of the 1965 Voting Act, like saying corporations are people, like the 5-4 decision the stop the vote-counting in Florida to give us a fraudulently elected President. These bought-and-paid-for black-robed puppets convey of the interests of the the empowered, the wealthy, misogyny, and other manifestations of injustice.  It’s a greed that preys on ignorance and fear, and they are masters of those tactics. The Justices’ vote to end race conscious admissions did not come from genuine belief or principle. It was the latest event in a long line of subservience to their corporate owners. To find which direction the Supreme Court will go, watch Fox News for their road-map.

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