Response to someone justifying some states’ refusal to expand medicaid by citing “founding documents”.

Mark NW.

Seattle, Washington Pending Approval

The framers of the U.S. constitution – the writers of “founding documents” – were slave owners. Those documents can provide some guiding principles, but cannot be held sacrosanct without turning a blind eye to injustice in the the 21st century. The founding fathers were a diverse group of white men with some good ideas and some self-serving goals. You seem to be an ideologue who doesn’t consider the humanity of any given situation. At some level, you must know that, but have decided to stay on the road of soulless self-promotion using constitutional rhetoric. Does it bother you at all that the Walton family of Walmart have as much wealth as the bottom 47% of the rest of the country? Something is wrong in that – very wrong. To label as “redistributionist policy” any attempt to correct that is reactionary mindlessness. Your thinking is part of our drift toward the melting iceberg.

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