The racist rancher

Mark NW.

Seattle, Washington 28 minutes ago

Bundy is another flash-in-the-pan manifestation of the rottenness that is taking over the soul of America. In this instance, the Bundy situation contains:
1. Greed & hypocrisy – taking from the government when convenient, and saying the government doesn’t exist when you’re asked to pay for what you are getting.
2. Guns and violence as a substitute for rationality. Fear is the accompanying weapon. The racist lives in a climate of fear – his inner fears and the fear he creates.
3. The disease of racism – with ignorance and meanness as its core. The racist, locked into beliefs that aren’t truth, becomes psychotic and stupid. The racist’s sickness pervades everything he (or she) deals with.
4. Because of racists’ stupidity, they are easily manipulated by unscrupulous media and politicians . This manipulation includes the racist being fooled into obviously going against his own interests. The stupidity of racism permeates the society in which it exists.

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