Condolezza Rice speaking at Haverford College

Mark NW.


       Shortly after McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running-mate in 2008′, a reporter asked Condi Rice about the prospect of Palin becoming President if McCain were unable to complete his term in office.  Rice’s face flashed a moment of rage unlike anything I’d witnessed from her before.  Rice said something about wishing them the best and feeling confident that McCain would to complete his upcoming four years in office.

       It viscerally hit me Rice’s was furious because McCain did not choose her (a woman) to be his vice-President rather than an unknown woman – Palin.  Rice wanted to be that woman who would ascend to the Presidency.  She was after that all along.  That is not unusual – it seems they all want to be President.  But it was stunning to see how enraged she was to have been passed-over.

       I’m glad McCain chose Palin, because her idiocy was a major factor in McCain’s defeat.  Had Rice been his VP nominee, the election may very well have been won by McCain.

Thanks Sarah!                                                                                                                                    And special thanks to Tina Fey.

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