Re NYT Article about the causes of poverty being discussed by Jeb Bush & Paul Ryan

Mark NW.


Amazing that people forget or disregard the fact that Florida Governor Jeb Bush was the lynch-pin in the stolen 2000′ Presidential election:

Bush’s his stooge Katherine Harris blocking of blacks from voting in rural districts of Florida,

The confusing ballot in Dade county giving votes to Pat Buchanan,

The absurd claim of “Hanging chads’ on ballots.

The final nail-in-the-coffin complicity of five reactionary Supreme Courts judges’ stopping the vote-recount in Florida to fraudulently give the White House to Jeb’s moronic brother George W. Bush.

Jeb Bush is smooth, but he’s the worst of the worst. He is a scion of the corruption of power.  Nothing he has to offer is clean.  Nothing.

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