The death penalty

Mark NW.


The death penalty is wrong for indisputable reasons:

1.  The possibility of executing an innocent person. That execution is as horrific a murder as any other murder.  Imagine the terror of an innocent person being led to his or her death by the state.

2.  In real life, the death penalty does not apply to the wealthy.  The wealthy can afford high-powered defense.  This always keeps them from being executed.  Period.

3.  Inconsistent application of the death penalty.  In one place, death is the sentence. In another, not so.  Lots of variables – the makeup of the jury, the demographics.  Ethnicity comes into play – a black killing a white is many times more likely to get the death sentence than a white killing a black.

4.  The death penalty comes from blood-lust. It’s wrong, and it lessens us as a society.

                                   And just about everybody knows it.

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