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The Supreme Court rulilng that corporations can deny contraception coverage to employees based on religious belief.

Markk Yet another urgent reason for the USA to have universal health care.  Now an employed citizen’s health care is dependent on the religious beliefs of his or her employer.  It’s absurd for there to be a connection between health … Continue reading

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Re NYT article, “Stopping Campus Rape”

Markk Sexual assault.                                                                                                                                  There are solitary rapists who stalk and attack.                                                                      There are rapists who charm, court, and then rape.                                                                      There are gang rapists who feel afraid, alienated, and alone within the gang.  The rapes they  commit alongside of each … Continue reading

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Regarding continued federal impositions of long jail sentences for people legally producing medical marijuana.

Markk Seattle Pending Approval Curiouser and curiouser.                                                                                                                  The present rational change (decriminalizing marijuana) is followed by strident clinging to absurd punishments of the past.                                                                                                      It’s similar to the obscenity of cutting back the food-stamp program while keeping tax breaks for … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court taking away the President’s ability to make appointments during congressional recess.

Markk The Constitutionality of any given action or decision is based upon intention.       Criminals, down through history, cite the bible, the Constitution, property rights, etc etc, to justify greed and other malevolence, including destruction of the planet and war.           There … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court’s decision the eliminate buffer zones around abortion clinics.

Markk Most of the “right-to-lifers” who show up at abortion clinics have nothing but killing on their minds. I’m not talking about their false concerns for unborn fetuses.   90% of these people are hypocrites who enjoy intimidating and threatening women.          … Continue reading

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Response to accusation that Obama’s policies in the Mideast have caused the existing problems there.

Markk   The world’s situations are not a 30 minute sitcom that begin and end with each show.    You say that “Russia & Iraq can be laid at Obama’s feet”.  Whose feet should they have been laid at before Obama … Continue reading

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Response to the comparison of Supreme Court decision to protect the privacy of cell phones to the right to bear arms.

Markk I cannot come up with a plausible reason to deny the right of all citizens to bear a cellphone. There are reasons – like sanity – to deny the right of some citizens to bear arms. You know – … Continue reading

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