Re NYT editorial by Ross Douthat “Prisoners of Sex” about the Santa Barbara shooting of six people by a lone, young gunman.

Mark NW.

Seattle, Washington 5 hours ago

Now and down through human history, misogyny – the hatred and fear of women – has manifested itself in subtle to barbarous ways.  The recent stoning to death of a young Pakistani woman for marrying the man she loved was horrific enough. That her murder was at the behest of her father and carried out by villagers who knew her is a crime and tragedy of epic proportions.                                                                                                            The expectations and restrictions that Hasidic Jewry places on women render them as breeding machines.                                                                                                                           The Mormon Church’s absolute paternalism makes a woman a subservient to her husband.                                                                                                                                              The Catholic Church’s exclusion of women from priesthood coupled with the expectation of celibacy of nuns and priests are recipes for the perversion of power that has existed for centuries.                                                                                                                                            And on and on from fundamentalism’s core.
What lies beneath the universality of the oppression of women?  Somewhere in the mix is the compulsion of men to control and objectify women rather than face their own needs for intimacy apart from sexual feelings & performance.  Love becomes domination and possession.
In the materialism & status-seeking coming incessantly from the media, young people today have trouble finding their deeper selves apart from image.
In America now, the pathological worship of gun-ownership bespeaks a fear of the Other.  The other is not the black, hoodied, unarmed kid walking home alone.                                The Other is people.
The mass shooter is an isolated person drenched in information and stimulation that belie his frightened, lonely inner world.
Once he has killed, his alienation is exposed in radiance for the world to see.  He then kills himself because he has no life left to live.

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