Response to a Tea Party member saying Obama has made a shambles out of the mideast.

Mark NW.

Seattle, Washington 3 hours ago

Well written.
Your points 6, 7, 8, and 9 cite characteristics of Islamic countries that have been going on for centuries. This is not to say that those issues should not be addressed, but to suggest Obama could correct them with military intervention is ludicrous. He has given voice to the injustices against women, homosexuals, human trafficking, torture and discrimination against Christian minorities. Hillary Clinton has been a strong advocate for worldwide women’s rights. At the U.N., she said that gay people should gave have equality of treatment.
I too am sorely disappointed that Assad is still in power. Assad’s father was a despot for years, and his son is the same. Should we have gone into Syria – a la Iraq and weapons of mass destruction? We would be mired there forever. The vicissitudes of the Mid-East cannot be laid solely at Obama’s doorstep.
The groundswell against Mubarak from the Egyptian people was not caused by Obama. He didn’t depose Mubarak. How could he have prevented it?
I agree the selling of F-16s to an unstable regime is wrong – the selling of F-16s to anyone there is wrong because instability is endemic in that part of the world.
You have facts – and opinions. Me too. It’s incumbent upon us to check out how much our “facts” are colored by our opinions. Different people can see the same facts and form different opinions. My opinion is that you dislike Obama to the point that almost everything he does is wrong. Is that a fact?

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