Re NYT article, “Stopping Campus Rape”


Sexual assault.                                                                                                                                  There are solitary rapists who stalk and attack.                                                                      There are rapists who charm, court, and then rape.                                                                      There are gang rapists who feel afraid, alienated, and alone within the gang.  The rapes they  commit alongside of each other are actually bonding experiences to demonstrate – in desperation – their prowess as ‘real’ men and achieve fellowship with others in the gang.   Their victim is a tool because the core of rape is abrogation of intimacy with the victim.                                                                                                                                                                This objectification of another human being using libido is an abandonment of one’s inner-self.  The rapist cannot have genuine self-respect because of his betrayal and misuse of his deepest drive – his sexuality.   So all involved in rape, including the rapists, are victims.  But it is the rapists who also bear the self-loathing of being perpetrators.

The awful and timeless reality.

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