Re NYT article about Republican tactics to deny students the right to vote.


Make no mistake about it – the Right is manifesting full intention to subvert democracy in the United States.   Citizens United gives elections to the highest bidder;  the 1965 Voting Rights Act was gutted on the lie that bigotry no longer is significant; nationwide gerrymandering of voting districts;  endless tactics to limit places and times of elections; imposing i.d. and photo requirements to vote; and now disqualifying student IDs to allow a student to vote.

Five fascist Supreme Court Justices come up with ruling after ruling that blatantly favors corporate suppression of the individual. They aren’t kidding.                                                 The American people are increasingly and plainly aware that the Tea Party has poisoned the Republican Party.  The Right realizes that they will lose legitimate nationwide elections and most local elections.  So they are taking thinly-disguised, solid steps to stop elections from being fair and representative of the majority of voters.  The majority of the members of the House of Representative and the majority of the Supreme Court are complicit in this betrayal of the citizenry.                                                                                        It is radiantly obvious, sad, and very very scary.

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