Respose to condemnation of Israel for the violence.




Your view is, “……if only Israel would…..”, then things could be worked out.                        Of course Israel could do things differently. Who couldn’t? But the situation isn’t only in Israel’s lap. Hamas is not a fringe group. They have full – and supported – intention to kill Israel.

The worldwide condemnation of whatever injustices the Palestinians suffer is selective indignation. Where is that same worldwide condemnation for many other places on the globe (like North Korea, Nigeria) where there is far more brutality than takes place in Gaza?

Do your thoughts – and the voicing of your thoughts – reflect one tenth the concern about injustices committed by other foreign countries than Israel?  Of course not. You’ve been programmed by brilliant manipulation of worldwide opinion.  It is an astounding compartmentalization of justice in which an eagle-eye on Israel and a blind eye to everything else. And it’s working.

Think about it.

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