You-Tube exhange between ‘Jacob Israel’ and me regarding the release of an innocent man after spending 25 years on death-row in a Texas prison..

ark Weinstein <> wrote:

Mark Weinstein 6 days ago                                                      It is not possible for fair-minded people (in their right minds) to favor the death-penalty.  Period.

Jacob Israel 3 days ago

Actually the death penalty would force both juries and DES to get it right the first time. If the jurors in Michael Morton’s trial had believed their verdict could lead to his execution, they could not possibly have been as careless as they were.
How can you – or anyone – know with certainty that the death penalty would force jurors to “get it right the first time”?   Juries have been unjust and/or easily-swayed. The jurors in Michael Morton’s trial were not “careless” – the corrupt prosecutor withheld evidence that could have exonerated Morton.                                                      I am astounded by your certitude.

 Because I’ve lived in countries which have the death penalty, and have seen first hand how it makes citizens get REAL serious when they think about committing a crime.  The murder rates in those countries are ONE FOUR HUNDREDTH of DC, and Detroit, and New Orleans, and Gary, Indiana.  This is just one reason why their false conviction rates are close to zero.

Gee – maybe you should move to one of those other countries.  Maybe you could get a job turning on the gas, activating the volts, or dropping the guillotine. You’d have the satisfaction of serving justice – even if occasionally you executed an innocent person – no biggie.
Your bloodlust is palpable.

So the country I live in, the one where 95.5% CLAIM to follow Jesus, the Jesus who UPHELD God’s Law, including the death penalty for homosexuals, is NOT suitable for me, but a Muslim country which follows almost exactly the same moral code IS?HOw do you figure that?  And where does this idea come from that if I DO uphold God’s Law, that I should just LEAVE?Don’t you think it might be the other way around?

No matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney.  You want blood.  That’s all you’re about.  Like all bigots and zealots, you’ll use anything – the Bible, the Constitution, the free market, the Koran, the Tooth Fairy – to go for the kill.

Jacob Israel  1 day ago                                                                                             It’s liberal twits like you who want blood. We have the HIGHEST MURDER rate on the planet BAR NONE, because murderers know that if they get caught, all that will happen to them is that they will bounce around on death row for half a century, until somebody finally gets tired of it and lets them go.  Don’t you think that if we have a PUBLIC HANGING of just one of them, our murder right might drop back to what it was before we quit executing murderers?  The MOST bloody thing we could do is stay on our current course, which means 800,000 more murders over the next three decades, on top 800,000 murders JUST in the last four decades.This country was FOUNDED on upholding the RULE OF LAW, not catering to liberal twits.

Mark Weinstein  1 day ago:

Like I said – blood lust.  Your tone is merciless and your venom is just beneath the surface, and go heart and soul deep.  Conservative or liberal – you are what you are.  Scary.  Glad I am not in personal contact with you.

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