Response to advocacy of evidence-based sentencing, which includes family history – thereby penalizing the poor.


The American criminal-justice prison system is now – like health care and the military – a corporate cash cow.  Period.  Humanity and sanity would be to apply a portion of what is spent on locking people up to instead provide available mass training and educational resources for the young. The ‘gangsta culture’ is a result of the near-absence of alternatives to crime in poor areas.  Families are disenfranchised. Employment is not to be found or low-paying without benefits. Another corporate creation is jobs overseas.  Add technology eliminating non- technical employment. America is not the place of hope it was. My father was a lunch-truck driver who was able to provide me with a university education for $121 a semester. I’ve been a professional for 47 years. Can middle-to-low income parents now afford higher education for their kids?  The psychotic war-on-drugs has made the illegal drug-trade the only available source of ‘prosperity’ that young poor people see.  I agree personal responsibility is not to be abdicated. I am saying that personal responsibility (decisions that effect the safety and well-being of others) must be expected from those who make the law along with those who break the law. Step back from reaction and scapegoating to see the larger picture.                                                                                             Solving problems takes courage, knowledge, and intention.  It’s also far more difficult than placing blame.

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