….The nobility of good policework


                I had a face-book dialogue with a cousin living in Calif who has been a police officer for 20 years.  He described Michael Brown as a “criminal thug”, likened the boy to “evil”,  said he had ‘sympathy for the police officer who was afraid for his life.’ He went on in this vein, and expressed sentiments about “all the scum out there”.  I told him  making assumptions (especially involving a death) prior to comprehensive investigation is not worthy of him, and it’s also not good police work.                                                      Police work is a noble calling.  Law enforcement people receive much criticism while facing real dangers, often requiring the pressures of making split-second, life/death decisions. Because of this and the power they possess, I believe it is incumbent upon them, throughout their careers, to practice self-assessment to maintain objectivity.   As other trades and professions often require updating of skills, police should receive ongoing emotional and psychological support to deal with the incredible stresses and demands of their work.                                                                                                                Again – police work is a noble calling.  Living up to the Hippocratic Oath is the responsibility of a good physicians, and respecting people is emblematic of good police.  Without carrying that regard for those they serve, they betray themselves and the trust placed in them.

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