Re New York Time article: “ISIS is a disgrace to true fundamentalism”.


The parallels that permeate worldwide religious fundamentalism are radiant. They all hate women having sex outside of marriage. They hate homosexuals. They hate women having reproductive choice. They contend that non-believers are abominations who deserve eternal damnation. They are drenched in hatred to the point of having blood-lust that is put into murderous practice. They obsessively cherish their guns. They exist in a revenge mindset that (of course) wants a death penalty.

They are sheep following the machinations of those who exploit their fear, bigotry, and (above all) ignorance.

They are secretly afraid of voicing variance from the vitriol of those around them – lest they be seen as traitors to the divine cause – and then be in the line of fire themselves.

Incredibly, this has been going on, in similar form and substance, throughout recorded human history. The price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance. There is no ending  fanaticism; there is only keeping it from holding sway over civilization. It’s wise to remember that it isn’t only in foreign lands. Listen to the rhetoric of the ultra-Right in America; it’s core-message is ISIS-west.

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