Re the contention the death penalty is justified for some criminals, like Eichmann, “who have forfeited the right to be treated as members of the human race.”


You cannot change the fact – the fact – that the death penalty is meted out in unequal ways. Almost without exception, people of means do not receive the death penalty.                    The list of flaws goes on and on, including botched executions and convicted criminals later proved innocent.

Underlying the call for the death-penalty is blood-lust for revenge.  An old Russian saying: “When you go out to seek revenge, dig two graves.”

Eichmann was a monstrous human being – but as difficult, frightening, and maddening as it is to accept, he was a human being.  To murder someone is to follow in the footsteps of the murderer.    You cannot engender justice with murder – even of the monster in human form.

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