Regarding a NYT recap of the fight for automobile safety regulations – with Ralph Nader as a major player.


Ralph Nader –                                                                                                                                    Hero whose integrity and persistence in improving the safety of automobiles saved the lives of thousands of people.  This was along with Nader championing protection of the consumer from overall industrial greed and uncaring.

Ralph Nader –                                                                                                                                Villain whose pride wouldn’t allow him to withdraw from the 2000′ Presidential race. Nader knew he couldn’t be elected, but gave sway to fury at Al Gore for excluding him from a debate. Nader weighed that wrong decision by Gore against the certain catastrophe of a W. Bush Presidency.   Nader chose revenge.  The death and destruction from phony wars and corporate greed from W. Bush’s Presidency far outweigh the good Nader had done before.  Like ruthless CEOs whose selfishness he had exposed in the past, Nader’s self-righteousness trumped his caring.

Tragedy –                                                                                                                                               for For Nader and the world he once tried to protect.

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