Don’t spare the rod. Throw it away.


Ray Rice beating his girlfriend into unconsciousness.  Adrian Peterson cruelly beating his son with a tree branch.  There are apologists and minimalists for domestic violence and corporal punishment for children. Their thinly-veiled justifications are to create  camouflaged permission to draw blood.                                                                                        My mother and father were married for 55 years – they had arguments that practically created mushroom clouds. Violence was never part of the mix. It wasn’t on the radar of their considerable conflicts.  My parents were strict, but never laid a hand on me – and I wasn’t always an angel.                                                                                                                       As an adult, I have my faults – but violence isn’t one of them. I get angry and sometimes see red, but I know violence is wrong. WRONG.  Self-defense and defense of someone else can sometimes be exceptions because there may be no other alternative to violence at that time. Otherwise, violence begets violence.

That is eternal real truth.

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