Response to denial of racial disparity.


Race is a construct of Dem politics. Why do black voters vote overwhelmingly Dem. How did they bamboozle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr into the same party that counted George Wallace as a card-carrying member?

Historical reminder: The Democrat Party is the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, and opposition to desegregation.



Your ignorance is radiant.  “Historical reminder” should include historical accuracy.

The constituency of the Democratic Party 150 years ago is the constituency of the Republican Party for the last 50 years.  Race is not a ‘construct’ of the Democratic Party.    Historical reality is two centuries of slavery followed by thousands of lynchings followed by economic inequities followed by Jim Crow followed by a criminal-justice system targeting minorities.

These are truths that do not register in the bigoted, frightened mind.

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